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Demanufacturing Service

Demanufacturing refers to the dismantling of electronic equipment for scrap metals reclamation and component recovery.

Computer Mindedís recovery of these hazardous components reduces the toxicity of the waste and ensures proper disposal or recycling for the residual waste stream.  Raw materials are recovered and are ultimately reused for manufacturing metals, plastics, and glass.

Our Process:

  • Hazardous components (i.e. batteries on circuit boards, portable equipment, mercury switches, toxic capacitors, fluorescent lamps, leaded glass from monitors, etc.) are removed from the equipment and are disposed according to state, federal, and local regulations.
  • Non-hazardous materials are recycled as a plastic or metallic commodity.
  • All end-markets for hazardous component disposal are audited and are for review.
  • Job progression is documented as each pallet is processed.
  • Customers will be provided a certificate of destruction which outlines the make, model, S/N, and asset tag if applicable.

The certificate of destruction provides an indemnification releasing the client from further disposal liabilities.

This service significantly reduces the amount of e-waste that enters our landfills and your participation in this program gives assurance in your role of protecting the environment.


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